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Code Blue has added the ability to download your timesheets allowing you to print them at your leisure. Download (PDF).

Code Blue Nurses
is seeking the availability of specialist nurses to work with us in hospitals across greater London.

We are focused on a collaborative relationship between hospitals, the agency and nurses. Giving nurses the benefits of working through an agency and giving the hospitals the best staff available is our objective. Code Blue Nurses is co-ordinated by personnel from specialist, Critical Care areas and hospital management. We understand the professional issues and needs surrounding all units and in particular Speciality Nursing Units.

Code Blue Nurses is searching for the best clinical nurses for the health care industry and in return "Reward their Excellence". Code Blue resources specialist nurses for all areas where specialization is recognized as an integral part of clinical practice and a recognition of competence and qualifications is essential.

We provide nurses for all Critical Care areas including General, Cardiothoracic, Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care. Emergency Department and other areas include Coronary Care, High Dependency, Theatre, Anaesthetics and Recovery, Oncology, Renal and Neuro HDU.  We recognize that Midwifery is a highly specialised area in its own right.

Code Blue Nurses is committed to providing our nurses with the shifts they request and personalized friendly service. You are not treated as a number in the system or a name without an identity.

Please call our friendly staff on: 08 4499 11091, email us on: respondblue@codebluenurses.co.uk or fill out the application form online!

Please Note:
In regards to Ebola:

Dear Colleagues,
All nurses working through Code Blue and especially those nurses travelling overseas will need to
familiarise themselves with, and conform to, the guidance laid down by “Public Health England” on the Ebola situation. Please visit;


It will give you the UK government guidelines on how to manage the Ebola virus and what to do if you feel you may have been exposed or if you have travelled to an area of danger.

All nurses will need to inform us if they have travelled overseas or to any Ebola risk areas or if they suspect that they may have been exposed to Ebola.
Any nurse who may have travelled to an area of risk will need to have a full medical clearance before they can be allocated by Code Blue nurses into any hospital.

Code Blue Nurses,
Management Team.

Attention to all Nurses working in an HCA Hospital
It is recommended that all agency nurses read HCA's current Code of Conduct and the Uniform Code before commencing a shift.
Download Code of Conduct (PDF).
Download Uniform Code (PDF).
Download Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct (PDF).
Download Information About Agency Staff at HCA (PDF).